• If I said I loved you
    Would you say it back?
    I rise everyday because of you
    In the dictionary, it is said to mean: "something that is to happen or has happened to a particular person or thing"
    In my mind, it means YOU
    What is so marvelous about it?
    Luck doesn't exist
    Things happen, because we make them happen
    Meeting you wasn't luck
    It didn't just happen
    It was DESTINED to happen
    The thought of you leaves me breathless
    Everyday I long to be in your arms
    Feeling your embrace
    I am your possession
    Life is not a riddle
    I'm not a joke
    So take what I saw to heart and withhold it
    When I say I love you
    I mean it
    Affection means devotion
    Over and above my affection lies something deeper
    A throbbing ache
    The ache of the defeated
    Defeated in this battle of predilection
    As my head spins, I search
    Searching for the one thing I need the most
    I need you
    I want you
    I love you