• I can't go out for drama,
    I can't cook,
    I can't sing,
    I can't dance. . .
    Because I'm afraid.
    Afraid of what they'll say. . .
    She can't act,
    She can't cook,
    She can't sing,
    She can't danceā€¦
    Until one day,
    I found myself alone. . .
    Alone, and afraid.
    And I was put to the test,
    Can she act?
    Can she cook?
    Can she sing?
    Can she dance?
    And on that day,
    I shed my skin,
    Along with my fear. . .
    And now they look at me
    And they talk.
    They talk,
    And they say. . .
    She can act,
    She can cook,
    She can sing,
    She can dance. . .
    I broke out of my shell,
    And now,
    I can
    Dance. . .