• I wonder how you slipped away,
    I wonder why. I always wonder if there's a chance,
    That maybe you know what this is like,
    It's like a bloodstain and its spreading across my chest,
    Ive been bleeding for so long, scream did I,
    Thinking this heart of mine deserves a bit of rest.

    But there's just a couple of things I'd like to know,
    Like how could you nothing even say 'I'm doing my best',
    How could you take almost everything, then coming back for the best of whats left?
    How could you beg me to stay,
    Reach for your hands and plead,
    Pack up your eyes for the count, leaving the song i had began to finish,
    When i agreed, only briefly did you feel pain that i had felt
    in a time of years into a second.

    Yet now hear the words of deserted love, I yelled 'Stop it! ! Stop it! ! My stone heart is about to break into an age of immortal shaking, '
    Show me that you have loved me so, Savaged my heart which was made of gold,
    It was chained linked, tightly bound, any more weight and it will be more than another soul held back down,
    Yet with a swift pull,
    You send me to a dangerous nightmare,
    Where tears eat away the pains and provisions,
    On which i stand, on which i stand, I fall to my knees,
    rotting of what is left of me
    , Burdened with a scar, made by a great master of making incisions,

    My heart being fragile, soft, ever so diminished,
    Made it able to break with any sound of the wind bringing sin,
    Still I fought for you a battle that no one could ever win,
    Even if the war will forever be unfinished
    I fought with a fire to bring back your heart, mind and soul,
    Declaration to make it whole,
    I returned for a crown in the proclamation,
    I savored the fact now to bring a victory upon my hearts forbidden nation,

    A darkness moved radically, It told me to breathe it in, breathe it in,
    Now filled to the top of my lungs, A scene of lost dignity,
    The aura killed the man i know of which is named Desminim,
    Tell me what does a million pieces of heart mean dark one,
    To a person with no soul to put them back in...