• Go ahead, go head and tell me.

    Tell me that I'm worthless,that I'm useless,and that regret being with me.

    Tell me that you hate me.

    Tell me that you never want to speak to me again,and that you never want to hear my voice again.

    Tell me that you never want to hear my name.

    Tell me that I'm ugly,and that I'm stupid.

    Tell me that I wasn't good enough for you,and that you're happy without me.

    Tell me that you never loved me at all.

    But now it's my turn to tell you what you told me,and will never tell me again.

    You once told me that I was beautiful,and that no other girl could even compare to me.

    You also told me how you loved that we would stay up all night talking on the phone when our parents were asleep so they wouldn't catch us.

    You would even ask me if I was still there because you were worried.

    I can't even begin to count how many times you told me that you loved me.

    Nor could I count how many times you said that if you ever lost me you wouldn't know what to do.

    You would tell me how happy you were with me and you even once said you'd love me forever.

    And I even remember that first time we met and how you told me that you thought you weren't good enough for me.

    And now here we are, together again.

    It was quiet until you started begging for my forgiveness and telling me how sorry you are,and I ask "What did you do?", "You haven't called me anything rude or mean." "You haven't even told me hateful things."

    You answer back to me, "I know that I haven't, but I was going too, and now everything I think of goes back to you."

    I sit here crying in front of you,like I have done before,telling you,crying my eyes out and I say "This is the last time..I'm tired of you breaking my heart and then coming out of the blue trying to mend it again...never again..."