• My many half-spoken truths
    Lay scattered at your feet
    My many long lost words
    Lay buried far too deep

    I do not have that strength
    Not as I am now
    To pull them from that place
    Nor do I know how

    I can't depend on you
    To catch me every fall
    I can't let myself break
    And show you how I crawl

    There is not enough time
    To spend just feeling joy
    There are too many "problems"
    That occupy and toy

    But if I could just say it
    If I could let it go
    It would go somewhere in between
    Saying yes and saying no

    So let me end my letter
    With a simple sentiment
    "Bapa bapa, this is
    the sound of settlement"

    (Lyric in quotes is by Death Cab For Cutie)