• I look around
    And all my friends are gone.
    I guess that means,
    That I don't have long,
    Left to live.

    I shudder and sting.
    I've lost most everything.
    They keep their distance now,
    But I'm too weak to see.

    I could never stand,
    On my own two feet.
    So I crawl around,
    While the pain inside,
    Is eating me.

    Betrayal is painful thing.
    Especially coming from,
    The girl of your dreams.
    But when you can try,
    And Carry on,
    There is just a chance,
    That you can grow.

    But its not over,
    You're in for it now.
    Things just get harder,

    Can you cope with this?
    The blinding lights?
    The knives in your chest?
    I see you're doing your best,
    With the noose on your neck.
    How does the scalding water feel?

    I crawl on my hands and my knees.
    I plea and ask God for a sign.
    His silence makes question his existence.
    But I'm too desperate not to believe.
    Please god give me a sign.

    Do I chase the girl?
    Who obviously doesn't want anything to do with me.
    Do I run away and end my life?
    There is probably people who would be happier with out me.
    Should I change my path?
    Maybe I could try to use my own two feet.
    Should I live my life?
    Despite the troubles I have its not so bad.

    Please God give me a sign.
    Some idea of what to do with this life of mine.
    Where do I go and how do I get there?
    How long do I stay?
    Please send me a sign.