• She sighed again,
    It had been what seemed like forever.

    She waited and waited,
    But nothing came up.
    Would the world ever change?
    Would it always be the same?

    Everyday, she'd look out the window.
    There's no love here, she thought.
    Its all gone.

    The people of the world,
    Could care less about it.
    The pollution, the garbage.
    Its just the same story.

    Sure, she thought.
    People try to save it.
    But there's over millions,
    And only quarter actually care.

    When will we all change,
    Learn to love and share.
    Care less about ourselves,
    And more about others.

    An emotion known to man,
    Yet never really used.
    All people want is to be ruler,
    But power wont save your life.

    So save yourself before its too late,
    Care about not only your life,
    But others too.

    Remember life's not easy,
    Nor is it fair.
    We all just learn to live with it,
    But all we need is care.