• There I see it
    only upon self-examination
    the revolving blade
    whose viciousness tears me
    apart, again and again

    Such malice in its simplicity
    a mechanism worked by the flow
    I suffer only for the
    sake of suffering

    Only to dream a recurring scene
    of blood smeared walls
    and a tired pit, used

    As it makes its way
    I am sliced once more
    never enough time to heal
    only to realize it will never stop

    As long as my heart
    should continue to beat
    and maybe after, as well
    this burning ache continues

    I feel the whisper
    carried on the winds
    My pyre beckons
    and I shy from the words

    Here it comes
    another bleeding revolution
    The words indistinct
    sounded vaguely of confessions

    Palled by men in red
    I lay here waiting
    for a pain to claim
    all that is left of this one

    I will never grow numb
    to this agony
    I wouldn't live long enough
    if I could live forever