• Ah wondrous angel
    Playing with this heart,
    Your toy at disposal,
    Till amusement depart.

    How beautiful that smile,
    Deceptive is that beauty,
    Deadly is the whisper
    That captivates
    And captures me.

    Such the trickster,
    To make the lamb want death,
    Amusement at the suffering,
    How do you explain,
    How do you deceive them?

    The bloodied hand,
    Toying with my heart,
    Passing it back and forth,
    Yet you won’t let it go,
    Won’t let darkness depart.

    Oh so wondrous angel,
    How do you make me desire?
    How can you make me long
    For more of your suffering,
    And how long
    Till you grant mercy,
    How long till you grow tired
    And depart?

    Oh my deadly angel,
    Keeping me on edge,
    Near death,
    Wanting it at every turn
    Yet dangling the thread
    Holding me to this life.

    How much would you grant, my angel
    Of that mercy I so desire?
    How long would it take, my angel
    To aspire and kill me to go higher?
    How much did you love me, my angel
    To prolong my suffering more?
    How little did you know me, my angel
    That I would up and kill myself
    To stop this never ending war.