• I'm looking for you from everywhere but you're away. You leht away. Far away. I'm calling your name. Only emptines can hear me. I'm all alone.
    Please come back to me and don't just leave me. Why didn't you take me with you? I would follow you to anywhere.

    Darkness swallows me.
    You gave up and now I'm dying.
    I'm alone when the moon is bleeding and sky is crying.
    You left me die in here. On times dark dust.

    Sun is rising. Light isn't anymore for me. I don't want to see it. I'm alone. Alone on my darkness. Alone till the World ends. And it's your fault. My fault. Destinys fault. That's our poisoned destiny wich I tried to escape. You were too brave and fought for freedom.

    Light have dessapearred.
    I'm flying trought the air just looking for you.
    I won't admit it.
    You can't be gone.
    I'll die without you.

    Come back to me. Please open my eyes. Teach me wrong ang right. Show me darkness and light. Tell me all your secrets. But don't leave me alone. My world is going to die. Save it. Don't destroy me.

    I'm touchin your hand.
    I feel you.
    I open my eyes.
    You're gone.
    You killed me.