• I tried to forget you
    but you wouldn't let me.

    You would hug me
    and say 'I love you sweetie.'

    Guess what?
    I don't think I can.

    After all the things you did
    you expect me to love you?

    And yet,
    I do.

    I want to be able
    to say 'I love you too mom'

    Whats stopping me?
    Is it that she tore me down?

    Made me feel worthless?
    Paid more attention to my sister?

    All I want to do
    is forget you.

    Forget the fact
    that you might die young.

    Forget that you
    put a ridge between siblings.

    Forget everything
    you did to me.

    And yet,
    I let you into my sanctuary.

    I let you get away
    with the s**t you did to me.

    Because I knew you forgot
    what you did too.