• It came to me as the night air blew, as the setting sun brought a fading blue. Simple sentence upon which I would base, a vow of devotion eternal and hopefully with taste. How simple it seemed, almost a meandering thought, least it were to be lost again into the words of that lot. Pondering upon ponder and no thoughts beyond, like a growing plant a wee little frond. Yet still I think of these words I shall ink.

    Over and over like a lapping wave, these words I shall use that my mind had gave. Quill to parchment, pencil to pad, Ink to steno, I know the first is just an old fad. The words I seek I know must be true, to speak my heart, my spirit, my form attune. No simple phrasing or big word praising. Pure, unbound, the truth from the very ground. I have some time fore those words need to be ready. I shall wait patiently and remain faithful and steady.

    Her tears I can see as I speak from heart my vow, I know deep down I will feel beyond wow.
    But for now I must ponder, the words that seem wonder.

    For on the day of All Hallow's Eve, I shall pledge my spirit and being to thee.