• Bloodshot eyes and a way with words
    Horrific images and a body to burn
    Tell me you dont give a s**t I kill this way
    Tell me you could care less and that you'll stay
    Will you ignore my mindless mumbling and my evil cackles
    Will you ignore my sure list of victims among the powerless
    Here as I lay
    Pondering my demonic plays
    I have yet thought you'd actually leave
    I'll be damn if I forgot the way you looked at me.
    Must you hurt me so badly?

    Air thickened with the whispers of many souls
    Heart stricken like a stab from an unrueling ghoul
    You dont think of me as I think of you.
    You dont see me as the others do.
    I'm damned.
    I'm cruel.
    I'm not your superhero.
    But I can be the guy who runs in and saves you from his foes.
    If not dead upon midnight, on every discussion made.
    I hope to god you hear me out
    When I say

    I can't stay.