• it's weird
    how one set of words can change your life forever
    saying lets date
    lets break up
    good bye
    i love you
    i hate you
    simple word that can bring a heart to tears
    or build it up
    by doing something
    sticking up the middle finger
    a simple kiss
    a sweet smile
    or just walking way
    it's weird
    when i can just walk away
    i stayed with your tourture
    please spear me the pain
    we never liked each other
    we were never good friends
    we had our moments
    our fights
    but now that your gone
    out of my life
    all i can do is smile
    it's like i just opened my eyes
    or got a new pair
    everything is better
    the future seems brighter
    my feet seem lighter
    good bye and forever
    i hate you ,but i can't say that with a true heart
    i will see you as a friend
    and the person who gave me eyes
    i hate yet you are the best person in the world