• In my bed,shivering.
    Listening to the rain,cold.
    Eyes bright,crying.
    In my dark room, black.
    Wanting to scream, soudless.
    But not finding my voice, silence.
    Wanting a warmth, needing.
    Deceived by tricks, unloved.
    Feel water on my face, blink.
    Crying without someone, frown.
    Close my eyes, dream.
    Unconsciosness, falling.
    Dreaming under a tree, safe.
    Thunder goes off, shock.
    Feel body, limp.
    Hear you laughing, anger.
    Black and pain around me, where.
    Your eyes on me, happy.
    Anger getting to me, punch.
    Too much pain, wake.
    Off my bed, dying.
    Heart beat shallow, bleeding.
    Seeing a light, far.
    Walking to it, smile.
    Happier than ever, floating.
    Peace, Serenity.
    Dead but alive, Together!