• Call me,
    When you feel happy,
    Oh you never do.
    It's raining in England,
    Well it always rains,
    Do you always have to cry?
    You told me how,
    The rain makes you feel so sad,
    And the water on the window,
    Is the world letting it all out,
    Letting it go.
    Let it go Joanna.
    You know that that rain,
    Sends a promise,
    Of sunshine and warmth,
    Well it would be if it wasn't so windy,
    Just light up behind a wall,
    Light up inside.
    And burn down every single thing,
    That you once swore mattered the most to you,
    Cause now the only thing that matters,
    Is the choices you make today.
    For the past is only there to haunt us,
    Not to tease us by making us believe it could be changed.