• The light of dawn fades as the sun goes down
    the moon shining brightly
    Stars above dark and light
    The darkness hinders upon the whiteness of my wedding gown

    Quietly Screaming
    Softly Dreaming
    I am dying

    The wet streaks run down my face
    the quietness of the night
    gives away their trace
    yet still I hide them from his face

    Quietly screaming
    Softly Dreaming

    I'm stronger than this
    I am not weak
    So never should you seek
    for these heavenly lips to grant you
    your everlasting kiss

    Softly Screaming
    Quietly Dreaming

    We are so through
    Im so done with you
    My heart is yours no more
    yet still i am torn

    Softly Sreaming
    Quietly dreaming

    Im picking up the pieces of my broken heart
    that you shattered like fragile broken glass
    now its over and its time I start
    forgetting you beacuse you're only part of the past

    Sweetly Singing
    Wide Awake
    Fully alive