• Fly Away On Angel Wings

    Feathers around me pure white and black
    Different colored wings to show
    The things I’ve done wrong and good
    The things that made me who I am

    The feathers of white carrying me higher into the sky
    The black wing giving me strength to go on carrying the burden of life
    Both give strength to fly away

    Fly away from all things that bring me down
    To free me from all that hold me to Earth
    In order to fly to the heavens to finally be free
    Only to find that my wings are broken

    Broken from all the pain I have suffered
    The hurt from people who do not care
    To never fly away to a far away place
    Where angels sing and everyone is free

    To see the red gushing from spots on my wings
    To watch it drip onto the floor only to pour into a puddle
    As people try to patch the wings up while more holes are made
    As if to say that I am to die

    People continue to heal the wounds but I know it is hopeless
    I should be left alone to die in my suffering
    I should not be dealt with because I am nothing
    Nothing to the world I once called home

    At my final hours you came in black
    You took one look and placed a cool hand on my head
    On my almost dead body filling it with life
    I wake to find you on your knees looking at me

    You kiss me and said the light has come
    The light was you I now realize I waited for you
    All my life I waited for someone like you to walk in
    To heal my broken wings and make everything right

    You smiled at me as you were surrounded by feathers
    Feathers from my wings to protect you from all
    As you protected me from myself and taught me
    Not only to love you but to love myself

    I cried in your arms as you faded away into darkness
    I was left broken again
    Would I ever be able to fly away?
    I waited for an answer after you left me alone

    The answer came
    The wings turned pure while and lifted me up
    Up into the sky into the heavens above
    Only to crash down on black wings

    I would never fly to join you it seemed
    You wanted me to stay but why?
    I would never be able to answer that
    I wandered the Earth teaching what you taught me

    I wish you luck wherever you are
    So that one day we can see each other again
    And you can take me away from here
    On your own angel wings to fly away on