• They say that angels are beautiful with white wings.

    But from where I’m standing they are the most useless,

    They flutter around and show off.

    True to say that they are beautiful.

    But to me they’re nothing but a curse,

    And to those without wings have fallen,

    Like birds that had their wings clipped,

    So they can’t escape and fly.

    Losing their wings is like losing their existence,

    Their reason for being alive.

    As they long to return to the sky.

    Those with no will just die.

    But for the fallen who with stronger will to survive,

    Might return to the sky.

    But no longer can they fly.

    Living a life among the earth,

    Watching as time passes by.

    I am just like a bird that can’t fly,

    but have a longing to survive.

    Losing my wings but having a pride,

    I live as a human till the day I die.

    As an angel I am broken.

    As a bird I am caged and can’t fly,

    But as a human I can have an existence,

    And live a life that is mine.