• 1) Sometimes it's better to forget than to forgive,
    Sometimes it's more bearable to die than to live.

    2) Sometimes you're speechless and have nothing to say,
    Sometimes in a bad situation, it's best to turn and walk away.

    3) Sometimes you want to laugh, but all you do is cry,
    Sometimes you ask yourself, "is my life passing me by?"

    4) Sometimes love is something you'll never recieve,
    Sometimes love is a loved-one you've grieved.

    5) Sometimes a smile is a thing you should fear,
    Sometimes all your memories are confided in a single tear.

    6) Sometimes eternity is in the blink of an eye,
    Sometimes the truth is the most deceitful lie.

    7) Sometimes the simplest things are the things that are most profound,
    Sometimes the music of silence is the most cherished sound.

    8 ) Sometimes youre heart is as cold as a stone,
    Sometimes even in a croud, you are still alone.

    9) Sometimes we live and sometimes we die,
    Sometimes all the world's magic in a sorrow lullabye.

    10) Sometimes the moon will outshine the sun,
    Sometimes your worst fears are actually quite fun!

    11) Sometimes you scream out of cheer and delight,
    Sometimes a wolf will howl in the silence of the night.

    12) Sometimes the earth will spin your way,
    Sometimes youre life of drained of its color and everything turns gray.

    13) Sometimes we're young, and eventually become old,
    Sometimes an unborn life is just a story untold.

    14) Sometimes we escape death by avoiding the reaper's sythe,
    Sometimes that still won't grant us our dream of eternal life.

    15) Sometimes when we're lost in the darkness we become the light,
    Sometimes in a losing battle, we still ffind the stregnth to fight.

    16) Sometimes we cant' see, but in the end we knew where we were going,
    Sometimes we lose our souls without knowing

    17) Sometimes we're the canvas and sometimes we're the paint,
    Sometimes we're the divil and sometimes we're the saint...