• There once was a girl from midtown
    Who partied it up with the in-crowd
    Was down with the night scene
    Beside all the right teens
    Was friends with intoxication
    Got high, she’s on top of all the nations
    Walks by and the boys are gawking
    She and the captain got the whole school talking
    Now I bet you wish you knew
    Who she was, maybe wish it was you
    Which isn’t true
    ‘Cause it was me, you know it’s true
    Every party I was there
    Count my bottles, I don’t care
    I can relax; let me rest
    Tell him for me I said yes
    What’s-his-face and I are over
    Hey, don’t hog that! Pass it over!
    I was right there at the centre
    Catching the eyes of the opposite gender
    Like that one time when I was at Guelph
    I always seem to find myself…
    To find…to find myself…
    I…can’t find myself…
    I resign. I designed myself.
    I remind myself, “my mind is fine
    Just deny myself…
    Then why…?” I ask myself
    “Why am I inclined to lie?
    To reply with eyes wide
    I wasn’t by myself?
    To lie through my teeth that I can’t be myself?
    And I just beat myself