• he thinks...

    "All i have to do is say hi, dont go into a long rant like every time you try to talk to a cute girl, just say hi. But she is so beautiful, and so is the girl she is sitting with, go figure. It'll be ok, just say HI!"

    he walks up to her, and says...

    "Uhh... dont reject me yet, please just let me speak,
    see i live right down the street,
    yes some call me a geek,
    but i swear im really sweet,
    like if you cry I'd dry your cheek,
    or i would take you out to eat,
    and if you left I'd save your seat,
    and not to be my own critique,
    i dont have a muscular physique,
    not to say im weak...
    i do palottys to stay sleek,
    i think animes really neat,
    and my favorite one is bleach,
    hold up... excuse me for the speech,
    i mean... why would a gurl like you even talk to me."

    she ponders for a moment, she smiles, she laughs, and says...

    well when you aproached i was in dismay,
    i noticed you down the street the other day,
    and you are pretty cute i must convey,
    see im not your average jose,
    i no my looks may lead you astray,
    im not the type gurl that likes gifts and boquets,
    and my favorite color is gray,
    i think "muscle men" are cliche,
    "skinny boys" all the way,
    warcrafts my favorite game to play,
    i like all you can eat buffets,
    they might call you a geek but i dont care what they say,
    well... you may be dissapointed... and im sorry to delay,
    but in all actuallity... I'm completly, absolutley, and totally gay."

    the other girl comes up behind her, and he walks away...