• why did i love you?
    why did i care?
    when all you did was
    walk away...
    why did you pretend to like me....
    when you knewit never
    and it would end.
    why do you talk to her when
    you know that i'm right here.
    why do you push me away?
    why do you walk away
    when thing start
    to turn out right?
    why do you leave
    when your voice changes,
    from when were friends, to something more.
    why do you look at me that way
    when we get close.
    why did you come back into my life?
    i know four years is alot,
    but still?
    why do you raise my feelings
    when you know that there going to be crushed?
    why do act like you care
    when I find someone whp cares?
    why do you make me push them away,
    and then go right back to nothing?
    why do i still love you
    when i'm standing in the rain.
    when i know that you only loved me for 2 minutes
    and i love you forever...