• yes it's true
    we've been sending messages to each other
    one way or the other
    we make fun of one another
    but the real truth
    is that i'm falling inlove wit u
    the way u say the things u say
    makes my heart beat the race
    u say ur hot
    u say ur sexy
    and u say ur fine
    but all i want u to be........
    is mine
    too bad ur just an internet boy
    the boy i can't really fall for
    atleast that's wat ppl say
    i can't really explain wat i feel
    when u and i send texts to each other
    too bad ur just an internet boy
    the boy i really don't know
    i only know ur the boy
    who i'm falling inlove wit
    and i don't want to break ur heart
    and i definitly don't wnat u to break mine
    too bad, it's just too bad
    (i can't believe this)
    that ur the internet boy
    every girl's falling for
    the boy who i can't fall for
    based on wat i know
    i know ur just an internet boy
    and things between u and i
    can't really work out forever
    (ur just an internet boy)
    an internet boy who's waiting to hook-up then break up
    who likes to play wit ppls feelilngs
    but maybe ur different?
    (i really don't know)
    either way i can't take any chances
    cuz ur just like any other boy out there
    the boy i gotta stay friends wit
    the boy i really can'ttell wat i'm feeling for him
    (boy can i trust u?)
    the boy who i can't take any risks wit
    (seems like i can't)
    especially when i know
    that nothing's ever gonna work out between us two
    (boy, it breaks my heart when i'm thinking of u,
    knowing it's not gonna work out)
    and i'm afraid u don't feel the same way about me
    and it breaks my heart farther apart
    to know that wat i had for u will go to waste one of these days