• If you saw death every monent of your life, would
    you kill yourself? Or live for the sake of living?
    Would you look death in the eye and beat it? Would
    you over come that? Or would you take that way out?
    Kill yourself...do take the gun. Put the barrel to heart, put
    your finger on the trigger and end it.
    I mean if you lived in a happy place no one crying...no
    deaths, no fear. Just everyone so peacefully living together.
    Would you not go mad? Would you pick being mad over death?
    It seems as though...I've hit a nerve.
    Did you think about it? Ok, lets take a look at this one, shall
    Here there is a balence...between life and death. Happiness
    and Hopelessness.
    Here there are tears but soon smile cross the face of the crying.
    Oh this world we live in...
    Death..lets live death..no? Ok then life lets life live..no?
    Then lets go between...We can pick both. ok?
    Good, now take what i have given you...and lets it spread
    through the people you like, dis-like, freinds, family.
    And lets them happen apon it.
    Now Go...!