• yeah let me tell you a story you see i gotta wife and nobody understands me quite like her but shorty came in my life a few years after started with laughter soon turned into a new chapter knew i was wrong but sumthin inside me had to have her shorty knew bout my wife guess her consious didnt catch her she kept coming slowly claiming my happily ever after my wife i love god knows i do but i couldnt stop it shorty slowly took off my ring and put it in my pocket i was to open no protection but the one in my wallet my feelings all rushed in at once a mistake is what i call it, it will never happen again words of a wise man or were they words of a fool cuz pimpin aint cool
    and i dont wanna do this anymore i dont wanna be the reason why whenever i look into my wife eyes it seem seem like she about to cry and i see her slowlly dying and on the inside i am crying i know that im hurting her so so that make me a murderer then things start to get crazy let me tell yuh
    my wife was blowing up my phone cuz i aint ever home im out wit shorty while she eating dinner all alone friends say you a fool leave that ****** all alone but the band on her ring finger scream stay strong lying, cheating, desiring, feaning her body in a relationship that has no meaning my wife that know what going on atleast that what it seem then one day i got up to leave she looked at me and screamed please gont go please dont move im like what you crying for im just going to the store but deep down we both know that when i go im gone cuz a relationship is nothin with one person staying strong and i dont wanna do this anymore no i dont wanna be the reason why i look her in her eyes and it seem like she bout to cry and i know deep inside she is dying from knowing what im doing and i am loving her i say i love her but really i am not loving her im hurting her so that make me a murderer
    really when she told me when she stood up and looked at me and said please dont go sumthin inside of me clicked like what is you doing but it came a lil to late let me tell you what happened look vision got hazey as i thought this is crazy im cheating on this lady who suppose to have my baby just then shorty called me and said it will only take a second im sorry but i am three weeks pregnant...damn it hit me like a ton of bricks cuz that when i had an epiphany of what i was doing it was to late all i could do was stand there with the phone to my ear as my mouth drop and i looked at my wife and she looked at me with tears running down her face and i just man it hurted i didnt even know how to tell her i started to take shorty on o'mary but i knew it was mine thats why you gotta be faithful being unfaithful.