• Dangling my heart in front of my eyes
    Severing every string slowly despite all my cries
    The pain so extreme my body goes numb
    Fearing that all of this can't be undone

    Pleading to tell me where all of this came from
    Not knowing who the person is you have become
    The coldness in your eyes sending me into the unknown
    Destroying the wings with which I have flown

    Heartless in a way I wouldn't have believed
    Screaming out, is this how I'll be decieved?
    Collapsing under the weight of my own mind
    Unsure of what Ill find on the other side

    I held out my life to you on a fragile line
    Assuring me in your subtelty that it would be fine
    Exhausted from all the things that were done
    Heartache..the only thing I've ever won