• Fear is something unexpected.
    It is a feeling of darkness slowly creeping.
    It is like being in the ocean,
    not seeing what is near you,
    not seeing what is waiting in the darkness.
    Looking the Darkness in the eyes.
    Not being afraid of what lies below the surfaces of your dreams.
    Taking control of the darkness in your head.
    Thinking its over, but its not.
    Watching and waiting for the best chance to control your fears.
    The fear of sinking below the surface.
    The though of darkness slowly.
    Insomnia the fear of sleeping.
    Thinking you well die in your sleep.
    Dieing of fear.
    Darkness spreading to your heart.
    Spreading quickly.
    Consuming your soul.
    Suffering, waiting, for the end.
    It comes faster.
    Blurring your vision.
    Darkness has consumed you.
    You wait for death.
    But it dose not come.
    There is only darkness…
    Over your head.
    You know it’s the end…