• Do you see
    what can be
    in me

    Maybe I'll lie
    then be shy
    to believe
    what you seek.

    Maybe I don't want to grow up
    Act like a child or a pup
    Like a dad
    The oppsite of bad.

    If you take it away
    Then look at what way
    the path is gone
    It has been done

    Belive in it
    Don't throw a fit
    You are now
    Something wow!

    You have grown up

    You can throw a fit
    but you need to beliven it
    You are grown up
    Your not a pup.

    Try not to lie or be a fly.
    Never would you like to grow up
    If you do it is forever.

    Stay a kid
    Dont be tid
    I rather belive
    Something I seek
    I am a child more then grown up

    I beliven it
    and I won't throw a fit
    So get it and sit
    I belive I am a