• i hear the wind blow,
    a soft, soothing sound.
    In my mind im all alone,
    no one is around.

    I had a wierd dream
    where i woke up to a fear,
    to find all my friends and family
    no where even near.

    i cut myself
    and found it appeal,
    this was no longer a dream-
    it was real.

    i had nowhere to do
    nowhere to hide,
    who was i anymore-
    nothing but a figment in my mind.

    I threw myself
    and feel on my knees,
    and saw a light,
    gleeming down apon me.

    I cried and asked
    "what is going on" ?
    and i heard a voice that said
    "calm down my son"

    "you are not hurt,
    you shall never perish,
    eternal life with me,
    you will forever cheerish."