• The tears fall down,
    My blood bleeds red,
    I try to escape the thoughts
    the invasions in my head.

    My hearts broken now,
    I lay on the floor,
    Creating pain
    I beg for more.

    The sooner its over
    the sooner im free
    I can be in heaven
    where i want to be.

    I try to be brave,
    tell myself this isn't the way
    why go from utter bliss
    to the darkest of dismay.

    Go on Jack, I dare you,
    Stab me one more time
    Make sure I'm not breathing,
    make sure that death is mine.

    The clouds emerge,
    The sky turns clear.
    Because I've moved on
    I've avoided my fear.

    I take a risk,
    let the knife drop from my hand.
    Thoughts of a new me
    A new life I can stand.

    Everythings good now,
    You're nothing to me,
    I'm moving forward
    and enjoying being free.

    The sooner i see you
    the sooner you'll see
    that here with Dave
    is where i want to be.

    So I ended up winning,
    While you've stuffed it all up
    you have no girl to use now
    and another girl you'll never f**k