• Spring-stepping along a colorful road, what scent does little animal experience?
    This fluff and warm creature, amazing spectacle to behold
    Skipping along with the summer breeze, no laws for adherence
    Wiggling nose and elongated toes, large ears nested atop the quaint head to hold
    Scurrying to and far, scavenging for food isn't funny
    But it might just be an adventure for a precious little bunny
    One curious little critter who wanders out alone
    under the cover of a dutiful moon he hops and skips across the pale yellow fields
    no humanistic warning makes him yield, marching forward to the beating of his wandering heart
    Sneaking up to a captivating campground careful not to be caught making a sound
    Poor little furry baby betrayed by moonlight so flaccid
    Snatched up by the hunter's wife to be dipped in corrosive acid!
    tied and bound by what he'd found our fuzz ball warrior admits defeat
    As the hunter and his family prepare themselves to eat.
    table set, and prayers are mumbled, morose affair these proceedings
    the pot is bubbling over and he is lowered from his toes
    and inch by inch he melts away stopping at the nose
    The body's cooked and his screams fade to a ringing hum
    the family spits and slobbers as they chew their furry chum
    paper napkins suffice to wipe away the bloody stains, tossing out into the woods some tangled up remains
    and the poor rabbit who lost his way and decided to play a while
    ended up as nothing more than a sizzling skeleton pile