• how did i learn to love??
    why did my hate turn to love??
    when did my frozen heart melt??
    i keep asking these questions

    its not fair at all
    i tried ever so hard
    not to fall in love
    but without a warning
    i had fallen in love with you

    All i can tell you is pretty lies
    to hide my sadness away
    the sharp truth
    pierces through my fragile heart
    and its tearing me apart
    i didnt want the love
    that gives me so much happiness
    could give so much pain

    dont smile and say its going to be fine
    because i know you are screaming inside
    time is running out for me
    and soon i ll leave your side
    memories will be all that is left
    which will cause you lasting pain
    but i know some day we will meet again