• My life seems empty and nothing
    as if there is no cure to this pain,
    All I could think of was being alone
    Just cry under this icy cold rain.

    How I wish this would all end right now
    like autumn leaves withered with no regrets,
    I don't belong to this perfect world
    so why bother but to forget.

    Yet I felt warmth on my shoulders
    an aura melting the coldness inside of me,
    Feeling so relax and protected
    it was paradise like in my dreams.

    There was a sudden whisper of hope
    making the darkness inside of me fade away,
    It brought tears on my eyes and happiness
    which brighten up my sorrowful days.

    I turned around with a smile on my face as you said those words:
    " You were not alone and never will be cause you've got ME...",
    I hugged him so tightly and dearly
    ending with a kiss for saving me.