• in the begining i met dark
    he was my brother and he invited us to his house alot with his family,

    one day we made a guild, and i dont know what he did but somehow he made
    enemies....and then...he allied neverwinter........he claimed neverwinter as
    his brother...practically replacing me and gave neverwinter power over the whole guild.........these new people who dark called friends that came i did not know them, and they were not like any of us.

    then dark tried to leave the guild and go back to his old friends, neverwinter
    disgusted put him on exile...can u believe that?...O.O ...his own "brother"..v.v
    neverwinter supposively killed him, but dark came back, and he chose to serve neverwinter again...this happened im my absence...it was called the fall of dark as his name is.

    and so after trying to deal with this and get my brother back i spoke to him
    i spoke to dark about it...he is loyal only to neverwiinter...he will not listen....

    then after not seeing jokond for a while i dropped in on him in his rally because he was an old friend....well jokond was once marked by us , he was supposed to join us in the dark brotherhood, and he served me well the best loyal bretheren i had.
    he was like a brother.
    and when i heard of his plans to revolt aginst neverwinter i chose to serve jokond and the judges...i sought that chance to get back at neverwinter.

    i spoke to Neverwinter after and he offered me a chance in his guild as a general..i told him i cannot accept this ....i will nto fall like my brother did...i wont bow to him i said...
    then he threatened me with power....and i refused and told him he can take and shove it where the sun dont shine.....him and his followers believe i am wrong to do what i do but i am a known 1 with a well respected opinion and i never fail to do what is best...i always do what is right in truth..even if there isnt an ear to listen to...i told him him and his followers were wrong..and they will fail in ur path..

    actual entry from judges guild written after confrontation of neverwinter

    "----November 20th 12:00 am
    i went over to neverwinters place and tried to reason with his family...they did not listen.......they wouldnt even try to see things my way, they wanted to kill me and end it....i hate it! that they wont listen...they just frustrated me and made fun of me, while his underlings threatened to kill me......they said i was just a little puppy who hasnt learned.....>.< y wont they listen?"