• Tears flow from my eyes like a river
    A flood of rugged and raw emotion
    Unbearable and destroying all in its path
    Unsure of just how long it will last

    Does time really heal all wounds?
    Will all this hurt one day just go away?
    How much time will it take?
    Until I’m nearly at the point to break?

    Who are they to say that I’m wrong?
    Am I wrong? What is wrong?
    If wrong is real, then where am I right?
    As I cry it off and continue to fight

    A fight that seems doomed for death
    One that everyone has set up to fail
    Who are they to speculate on this?
    When was it ever really okay to say…anything?

    All input irregular and unwelcome
    No one knows, no one sees, or cares
    Causing a long cruel strain of problems
    When does it end? Never? Perhaps

    Standing here, as everyone runs away
    Turning in circles, trying to grab hold
    Will anyone stop and take the time to notice me?
    Keep running, never stopping to take a breath

    I scream into the unknown
    I drop to my knees
    And alone