• I look out across the field,
    And see another man fall,
    Noises are sounding around me,
    But all I hear is the agonized scream,
    Of another man who has fallen,
    The beating of the bodies dropping,
    Is like a haunting beat,
    One that echoes inside your head,
    Until imprinted upon your mind,
    Everytime you take a breath,
    Another life is taken,
    Your in war,
    And I think why?
    Is it greed?
    Is it hate?
    Or is it simple ignorance,
    That costs people their lives?
    Why are we fighting,
    Another blood bath battle?
    Why can't they let us,
    Live in a world of harmony,
    Instead of this pit of despair?
    I dream at night of such a world,
    Fueled by love,
    Rather than the fuel of agony,
    A bliss where people could live,
    Without fear,
    But this vision is never to happen,
    The human race is a shadow of darkness,
    Feeding upon the pain and death of others,
    Never satisfied with what they have,
    Always wanting the belongings of others,
    I take my gun,
    And leap up from safety,
    Not firing a bullet,
    Just wanting to escape,
    I get hit almost immediately.
    Its over.
    I'm dead,
    Dead over someone elses greed,
    I was a pawn in evils dark hand of destruction,
    I hope that it was enough them,
    The murders that send innocent people to their death,
    And why?
    Do they even know the answer?
    I die alone,
    Never to see this world in a state of peace,
    I leave the living hell we call earth,
    To join another heaven,
    And soon the other angels will join me,
    And the monsters will return to face the hell again,
    Until they learn,
    That what they do is hopeless,
    And when they do they will enter the heaven,
    And when it is full we will be reborn,
    Into an era of peace,
    Until then I wait in heaven,
    I place in with I have earned my position.