• Im tired of being lied on
    Im tired of all the shyt
    People say you said one thing when you really didnt
    Im tired of everybody gaining up on me like im the on who committed murder
    Im tired of trying to be someone im not
    Im im tired of being afraid of my own emotions
    Im tired of having the world on my shoulders like im God
    Im tired of living ,when i day dream about death
    Im tired of all the fitting, when the problem you could care less about
    Im tired of my home ,when I would want to spend the night in hell
    Im tired of all the arguements then when you tink about them they dont ring a bell....
    Im just tired being tired ,and not saying a word
    My mind speaks ,but the heart has no words
    Im dumb to think that this world is real,its all a dream
    Im waiting for someone to wake me up.. and rest and worry no more.. But thats only a dream..................................