• My man was a stong man,
    my man was a cad,
    my man protected me,
    from everything bad.

    Now I can't see him,
    now he is fighting,
    and all I have left,
    are letters and writting.

    My soldier, my soldier,
    to where are you going?
    My soldier my soldier,
    why are you going...

    So brave are you my love,
    To fight for sinners,
    for losers,
    for winners.

    I miss you, I need you,
    oh; Lord, I wish you home.
    But never do we meet,
    forever do you roam.

    My soldier, my soldier
    to where are you going?
    My soldier, my soldier
    why are you going...

    To fight for your country?
    To win a endless war?
    Forever you will be gone,
    to every shore.

    Come home to me, I plea
    Come home, leave there
    For you of all people,
    know, this life is not fair.

    My soldier, my soldier.
    How I love you, my soldier.