• Remember the story of the Christ who died on Calvary,
    The one who gave His only Son so He could set us free,
    The great "I Am," the great Redeemer
    Sent to pay the price
    That we deserve, that we should pay...
    Now isn't that quite nice?

    Remember how the whole earth shook when He was nailed to a cross,
    And how the world thought that His death was only a loss,
    And how they mocked Him scornfully
    As he hung there for our crimes
    That only we committed,
    Still...He saved us for all time.

    Remember how they buried Him in a tomb beneath a stone,
    And how they they thought that He was dead and left Him all alone,
    And, yes, He was dead for a time,
    But then He rose again this day,
    On Easter, yes, He rose again!
    And that's the way He'll stay.