• Tar boils through vains
    replacing blood
    heart beats
    hearts explode
    do you really want to know my problems
    can you really handle them
    i puke up black
    no blood is left
    i am one problem
    that has no solution
    do not try to understand me
    do not try to console me with false pretenses
    just realize i have bigger problems than you
    dont try to help me
    cause all it will do
    is drive me farther away
    send me sprawling for someone to not understand
    cause nobody understands
    no matter what they say
    they cannot understand the pain a person feels
    because they have not walked the life of that person
    they have not understood every little aspect of their life
    so no one undertands
    the only one who understands is who it is happening to
    and they cant fix themselves