• My Undying Love for Inuyasha

    I still love you...

    We are together loyal and true

    Don't forget... Kikyo & Kagome have gone into the light

    I still am here for you even as I control the night

    I too want to change the world

    Maybe slow down it's fast twirl

    So we could have more time together

    I will love you forever

    Only we can make the best of things

    We bere these two rings

    One symbolizes the deepest love

    One symbolizes eternity granted from above

    Together we are one

    This can never be undone

    Woman and Man

    We hold each others hand

    Feminine Feline and Masculine Kanine

    Bound together forever in time

    We together wonder through life

    As Husband and Wife.

    Catakatoshi Demoness and Inuyasha