• Sounds zoom past your head so quickly
    you can hardly understand what just happened
    People you expect to be there
    twist into smoke
    and vanish into thin air before you
    Your head is spinning
    It's dizzying
    And you fall onto the ground, laughing
    hysterical laughter
    People crowd you
    Ask if you're okay
    and the words flow out of your mouth like a river and hit the floor meaninglessly
    and you laugh harder
    because you have no idea what the hell you're even trying to say
    The ceiling shifts...
    and you have to lay down for a while
    Colors and patterns are swirling in and around each other
    dancing to the music only you can hear
    it's the most beautiful music you have ever heard
    it makes you cry
    and you want only to love the music
    to embrace its pure wonder
    but the lack thereof to do that leaves a huge hole missing in you
    This is insane
    maybe you're insane
    you've really done it now, haven't you?
    You need to get out of here
    You run, wary of every step that you don't fall right through the floorboards which ripple a million colors with every step you take
    Reaching for the doorknob, it melts away and slips through your fingers, dripping onto your sneakers which have no purpose anymore
    Carefully you creak the door open
    and you walk
    Striding through this dream-like wonderland, you can hardly understand what is happening
    A vast, never-ending, psychedelic landscape
    and only one, bare tree who's branches reach up and up to the navy blue sky
    Your eyes gleam with wonder
    Small spheres of glowing white light hover around you
    and glide past your head
    Then you squint up at the moon
    almost too bright to look at
    You wonder what it's saying
    It's trying to tell you something
    And you strive for the understanding of nature and all it's unbearable beauty
    You lay on the grass and listen to the music
    and watch for your long gone predecessors' faces in the clouds
    And you fit snugly as the last puzzle piece
    which completes the big picture of life