• is there really love
    is love really fake
    or do we have no choice
    is it in our fate??
    to fall in love with the one u dislike
    maybe the one that was never nice
    the one that hid their feelings through anger
    the one that wanted the pain to be shared
    the poem isnt for me but for the idea of love
    the one that is expressed by a tiny turtledove
    just because i wrote this doenst mean i think its true
    in the end the decion will always be up to you
    wheather this is real or just writing in some paper
    but let that decion be made later
    after you really know what im talking about
    the point where your love makes you want to shout
    wheather the sreaming is for the good or the bad
    take the time out to listen to what is said
    listen to the words that love makes you say
    but whatever you do dont be afraid
    trust me when i say love aint a scary thing
    sometimes love helps deal with the pain
    the pain of love that love make you feel
    the part where u think its all over until
    you get the idea that your love has been killed
    than there's nothiung to help deal with your pain
    and the breaking point where your love cannot be tame
    the point where your anger just bust through your heart
    and it seems that your anger will never be stopped
    but then your love comes to you in shock
    she goes to your side and tries to calm you down
    and you feel so bad cause u made your baby frown
    people are looking but it doesnt matter
    if u stop now your moment will shatter
    you need this time to confess how you feel
    this is the moment where time holds still
    the time where you look in each others eyes
    and realize that neither will ever say goodbye
    your love for each other is etternial and true
    but whather you believe this is up to you..