• what wicked maiden be thee
    that shamelessly sat upon a tree
    and thoroughly fulled my heart with glee
    as i walked the barrant shore by the sea
    o' wicked maiden set me free

    from the prisons of my heart
    you gently ripped my soul apart
    with the stabbing of a dart
    you slowly stabbed my weary heart
    as I full of sorrow fell apart

    I slowly waited for the time
    to finally end this pain of mine
    our rigid souls are intertwine
    so when its time you face the fine
    the once exactly the same as mine

    o'lord my life is coming to an end
    no more corners can i bend
    in such desperate times i'd need a friend
    someone who love to be my friend
    or someone who could easily just pretened

    but I'm afraid it is too late
    i wish i hadn't taken the bait
    as the angels decided my fate
    and now for real its just too late
    i've could of been in fornt of the mighty gate
    if I hadn't drastically altered my fate

    if only i waited