• If I could make a wish
    It would be on your star;
    But your star I always miss
    Because it is so very far.

    I am a human,
    I am bound to the Earth;
    What will be-what has been…
    I cannot go forth.

    But you-a creature of the sky-
    Can spread your white wings;
    You are unable to die
    So you can enjoy the mysteries like brings.

    “I am already dead,”
    You said as your wings turn black;
    “I was always known to forget
    That it is purity I lack.”

    The sky is turning red
    But only you can see it;
    “For years I have bled,
    I want peace, even for a little bit.”

    Where has your heart gone
    And where will you be
    When you cry out to the Dark One:
    “Rain your unholy blood down upon me!”

    Anything for freedom
    Anyone to serve,
    Oh, God, what will you become
    When your soul is but a curve?

    Descending from the Gates
    With your mangled spirit of rage,
    You wish for all to obliviate
    And be locked up in a cage.

    Alas, my angel,
    You do me wrong,
    For I am not able
    To live among.

    The Heavens and Hell,
    The saved and the damned;
    Where I stand I cannot tell
    For I am what I am.

    You, however, are not the same
    But a figure of your own path;
    Your weakness and the Dark One’s aim
    Is your hatred-the center of your wrath.

    Your dark desires are consuming you
    And you’re in the Dark One’s grasp;
    What will you choose-what will you do
    When he finally closes his clasp?

    The clock is ticking
    Time is short;
    You better start picking
    Your way to abort.

    An angel made of love
    Is a victim of madness;
    Now I must come above,
    I must be the witness.

    Madness is a disease
    That there is no cure;
    You are difficult to please
    And you are anything but pure.

    Silent screams enter your ears
    And destruction invades your dreams;
    See how open are your fears
    And how nothing is how it seems.

    Your soul is disintegrating ,
    Your sanity is no more;
    Is it because you’re forgetting
    To let your spirit soar?

    Do not give in
    To the shadows around you…
    Return to the light again
    And try to begin anew.

    But you won’t listen
    To my warning, my pleads…
    You say, “The red of your blood will glisten
    On my hands indeed.”

    The angels I know is gone
    Replaced with a hatred-driven spirit;
    There is no longer a place where you belong
    And your path is no longer lit.

    You used to be so kind,
    So loving and angelic…
    But now you are blind
    To how you’ve become pathetic.

    Your day has become night,
    Your sun turns into ice;
    All you wished for was might,
    Little did you know it came with a price.

    You gave up your home
    And left the holy clouds;
    You fell passed the sea foam
    And was rushed with waves of doubts.

    The pain and suffering
    That you’re going through
    Is only the occurring,
    The beginning sinner’s brew.

    Speak out now
    And repent your sins;
    But you don’t know how
    So here your end begins.

    My dearest angel of hate
    You have yet to show me love;
    Perhaps it is too late
    For you to rise above.

    When you are gone
    Will you sing your fallen love to me?
    Tell me I’m the one
    That will make your spirit free.

    Your soft, tainted wings
    Made of feathers black as night,
    Disappear as I’m hearing
    His laughter of delight.

    Your halo slips down to choke you now,
    Its Heavenly material binding;
    The shackles on you weigh you down
    And the pain you aren’t minding.

    Your heart bleeds out
    Into my hands;
    You whisper, “I never did once doubt
    That loving you was my plan.”

    If I could make one wish
    It would be upon your star so fair;
    But your star I always miss…
    Because your star isn’t there.