• i wish everything would stay the same between you and me
    you can't belive what's happening to me
    now everyone can see that you and i had a chance to reunite
    but nothing ever went right between you and i
    all the screaming (couldn't stand it)
    all the fighting (guess i wasn't strong enough)
    all the arguing (just got tired of it,tired of it i tell you)
    baby i needed my space
    you were always on my face about the stupidest things
    when i was with my friends
    you'd get furious (boy i needed my time)
    if a guy were looking at me
    you'd get jelous (boy, you couldn't get over this)
    if you'd ever ask me to come back to you
    i'd say no
    after everything we've been through
    (boy i still love you)
    you were there for me on the ups and downs
    you cared about me atleast that's what i thought
    but you did show a lot of emotions
    which made me think you weren't good enough
    and i was right (you weren't good enough)
    you never really felt anything for me
    you just wanted me to play your stupid games
    which by the way, it wasn't the way i wanted to go
    all i wanted was for you to love me like i did
    all i wanted was for you to see that you were taking your feelings wat to far
    (they weren't even good at all)
    your feelings were full of envy,hatred,and jelousy
    you're the one who pushed me away
    you're the one who never made my day
    you're the one who finally made ma say
    you weren't the right one!!!