• you were once the one i loved
    the one i used to cherish in my heart
    but something was wrong
    you never knew i loved you(strongly loved you)
    you never knew i used to dream about you
    i would smile in my dreams all through the night
    because it was you who was in my heart
    now i see you walk the halls
    walking gladly with your friends
    but you never seem to look behind to where i am
    it breaks my heart to see the one i love walk away from me
    taking every piece of my heart like if it were stuck to you
    i wasn't invisible until now
    you never seemed to notice
    how hard i've tried to get you back
    you were the only one
    the one who i dreamed about at night
    the one who i gave the key to my heart
    you seemed to open it, but then you suddenly closed it
    and you appered to make the key disappear out of nowhere
    as if you never felt anything for me
    as if nothing ever happened between us
    as if i were nobody to you
    now i realized that you made me want to cry from all of those lies
    i should've known better than to fall for a guy like you
    my feelings are so confused that i don't know what to do
    but there's one thing i do know
    and that is if you ever want to come back to me
    i'll open my heart for you once more
    but you'll want to know that'll be the last
    if you loose the key to my heart! heart