• Darkness swallows my heart
    Devouring it within minutes
    I hold my chest tightly
    Not feeling a beat, not hearing a sound

    I cradle my empty space
    That has replaced itself where my heart once was
    As I sit there holding it, I seem to help it grow
    Crying blurry tears into the night

    The pain is unbearable
    Making easy breathing
    Difficult beyond measure
    It never ceases to stop
    Slowly seeming to cut off all oxygen ability

    It transforms me into a new being
    It gives me a new shape, a new form
    It is the potter
    I am its clay

    I am no longer myself
    I have become something
    Not knowing what I am
    But knowing I am changed

    I'm lost to the unknown
    A slave to myself
    And not knowing how to regain consciousness
    I can't move, think, nor breathe on my own
    The darkness controls it
    I can not return
    Because I continue to feed off the dark

    Darkness does what it does
    It takes everything way
    It won't you return
    Nor will it even give you a say