• Anger

    Anger does things to you.
    It pushes you further,
    it lets you do things you normally couldn't do.

    It turns out that we seem
    to do better when we want to rip our opponent's head off,
    but we just let it simmer and take one for the team.

    Anger makes you hateful, it makes you lose your mind.
    It makes you say some things that,
    in the end, are pretty unkind.

    Anger boosts your energy for tasks impossible before.
    It makes you strong for a while,
    even when your regular build is poor.

    Anger wins the games,
    And spirit requires anger to push it farther than usual.
    Too much anger, however, will overpower the aims

    Anger may be helpful in situations like this,
    but don't let it go to your head,
    or your previous goals will go amiss.